Sorry about the MIA

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20 Apr 2009

Will start getting new stuff up very soon.

Have  agreat day,

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Wahoo’s has spread all over California

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22 Feb 2009

wahoos2So if you must go franchise, it is a decent option. I went to the one that Travis Barker owns and it was awesome. The atmosphere was great and the fish tacos were KILLER. You could spend hours looking around that place at all the stuff on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. If you never been to a Wahoo’s please try it out.

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Quick and easy one, if you like ’em grilled…

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22 Jan 2009

Get four good sized fillets of a FRESH solid white fish, I used halibut, but tilapia or dorado would probably work well, too. Rinse well.

In a glass dish or freezer bag, soak the fillets in 1/2 cup white wine, 2 tbl spoons soy sauce, 1 tsp black pepper, for 30 min, turning occasionally.

While that marinates, prepare the pinapple chili salsa, and get the tortillas warm.

Chop some pinapple into pretty small pieces, about two cups. into that, pour 2 tbl spns of orange juice, 4 tblspns chopped green onion (just the top greens, not the solid white stalk), 1 tblspn brown sugar, 2 tblspns pepper or chili sauce, 1 tspn soy, 2 tblspn fresh cilantro. Stir it together and set aside.

Fire up the coals, get the flame pretty hot, but not to the point of searing.

Torillas in foil on the side of the fire to warm.

Oil the warmed grill, and set the fillets over the coals. If you have any green onions left over, put them on, too. DO NOT LEAVE THE GRILL. Only a hack would ever leave fish on a grill unattended. It’s like leaving a baby on the changing table, or a kid swimming alone in a pool infested with mutated carnivorous seabass. Disater could strike at any minute. Baste the fish with the marinade once or twice.

Looking at the profile of the fish, check to see if it is cooked to a little less than 1/2 way through. Try to let the fish just sit ove medium heat; the more you mess with it, the more mess you will have as the fish will flake easier as it gets done.

Use a spatula to get under it and flip it. I use my non-spatula wielding hand to hold the fish together a bit. You only get one fip, so make it count (unless you use a cage or a fish plate, but I try to minimize clean-up and just use the grill). Marinade again immediately once the fish is flipped. Give it 60% of the time it had on the first side.

Get the torillas ready

Get your plate ready.

Take the fillets off and immediately flake.

Serve with warm tortillas, grilled green onions, fresh salsa, limes, and a great view of hollow A-frames rolling offshore.

Total time should be about 45 minutes from cooler/ fridge to plate.

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Fish tacos in Indianapolis

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27 Oct 2008

Its hard to find good Fish Tacos in Indianapolis.

On The Border is a good place.
867 US 31 N
Greenwood, IN 46142

Jose Frog is OK
7763 US Hwy 31 S
Indianapolis, IN 46227

I will post more soon.
If you know of a great place please share, thats what its all about.

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Baja-mian rhapsody

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20 Oct 2008

From the Chicago Tribune:

Let us consider the fish taco.

It is a travesty that Chicago, America’s third-largest metropolis, lags so far in per capita fish taco consumption. True, you can find it, as I did at about a dozen restaurants, under the “fish taco” umbrella. Both fish and taco components are present. But often the fish comes grilled and topped with foreign accouterments — mango salsa, citrus slaw and the like — and that, to me, is a fish taco phony. A lie.

Read all about it here

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